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Some Client Comments:

“Graham provided me with a rigorous and practical foundation for selling. Previously I had been feeling my way intuitively, with no system or means to analyse the effectiveness (or not) of the sales process. The methodologies and insight that I learnt during the course have given me something much more concrete. Not only can I now predict when a sale is likely to be successful, but I am also able to satisfy myself about the reasons that a sale may have failed”
Simon Woolf, Business Development Director, Konetic


“Graham French helped us by developing, implementing and coaching us in the use of a new sales process that is the basis of a common language throughout the firm for analysing where we are in each sales opportunity. It helps us to qualify better and understand what has to happen next in order to move to a successful conclusion for both FRSGlobal and our customer.

Our intention is to continuously improve the way we interact with our prospects and customers for mutual benefit. Graham has helped us to implement opportunity review systems for all significant opportunities that help salespeople engage in a more customer-centric relationship with prospective customers. We also value his input and objective advice on bigger opportunities”
Serge Minne, COO and CFO, FRSGlobal


“gfa Sales Improvement worked with us to improve our prospecting methodology and sales messaging. We now focus, in our discussions with prospective customers, on exploring the business benefits the organisation can gain from investing in our SOA technology instead of majoring on the technology itself. Our consultative selling skills have sharpened considerably.”
Hugues Delannoy, CEO, Prima – Solutions, Paris


“gfa coached our consultants to develop a consultative selling approach that enables us to diagnose rapidly whether a potential client has the kind of programme management needs that can be addressed effectively by our particular core strengths and expertise.

Relationship building is vital to our business and our consultants have been coached to develop softer skills to complement their technical and domain expertise. One-on-one coaching seems to me to work better for our consultants than traditional sales training courses.”
Dr Tom Abram, Chief Executive, Mantix Limited, London EC3


“Graham helped us to re-think completely our entire sales process. We now work to a formal consultative selling procedure which forces us to address all the stages that are needed to win the business (many of which we were previously skating around), which keeps the buyer’s point of view in front of us all the time and which ensures that we concentrate on serious prospects for whom we have a solution that matches budget and purchasing capability. We also now have a better understanding of our prospects’ buying processes and a more realistic overview of which opportunities we are likely to close and when”
Chris Hensher, Managing Director, Exportmaster Systems Limited


"we worked with Graham in 2003 to improve our sales processes and methodologies. We have subsequently increased revenues considerably year on year."
Dr Davin Yap, CEO, Transversal Corporation, Cambridge


   current sales issues  how to maximise sales
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