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  About Us

“Is He Lucky...?”
Napoleon is said to have asked about a particular general “Is he lucky” believing that luck plays the major part in a general’s success. Who we to argue with a genius? Of course luck plays a part in any successful outcome.

Work Harder?
Luck does seem to come to those who work at it. Which famous golfer was it who said, “the harder I work the luckier I get” ?.

How many millionaires only work just a few hours day?

Or Work Smarter?
Maybe we have it wrong but we believe that, for people selling high value products and services, it’s not only about working harder - for example, making more calls. It’s about WORKING SMARTER.

Improving selling effectiveness is critical to success in this type of selling; making the most effective use of the limited time you are on the phone to and face- to- face with prospective customers.

Our mission is to help your sales team work smarter so that you OUTSELL YOUR COMPETITORS...

gfa Sales Improvement associates are independent associates who have years of sales and marketing experience of b2b selling in IT and professional services industry. Specialists in particular disciplines – coaching and training sales people, lead generation, telemarketing, negotiations skills, consultative selling, sales management skills, sales messaging.

And if we can have some fun, make a little money and help your people to raise their game, then everyone wins... except, of course, your competitors....


   current sales issues  how to maximise sales
   what we do  clients  home  contact us